Thursday, August 28, 2008

Buddha crying!

Beware, R.S.S Lab (Rashtriya SwayamSevak Sangh) is experimenting its products again. The first major experimentation we witnessed in Gujarat. Now the indications from Orissa proves that the second part is started. In the 'Gujarat massacre' lead by the notorious chief minister Narendra Modi, Muslim's were targeted. But in Orissa, the victims become christian missionaries. The fact is that, both the massacres were the brain child of RSS, executed by its trusted lieutenants.
In orissa, VHP -a bye product of RSS is executing the massacre. All the incidents in Orissa started with the murder of VHP leader Swami Laxmanananda Saraswathi and four aids. The collector of kandhamal district were the incident happened, admitted that they got a letter from the murder site in which indicated that it was executed by the Maoists.
Now the question arises, then why the VHP attacking the christian missionaries insted of Maoists. There are two indicators for this.1, they are afraid of attacking the naxals. 2, VHP is using the chance to massacre the Christians. In my opinion its true that VHP leaders are afraid of naxals. At the same time they are utilising the opportunity to target christians.
Christian missionaries are working in the rural parts of Orissa for long years like all other parts of the country. They are running schools, hospitals, orphanages and social service societies in rural parts were such amenities are unavailable. As part of its hidden agenda, the main allegation of VHP against christian missionaries here is that of conversion from Hinduism to Christianity.
It's a fact that like all over the world, conversion is happening in India also. Below poverty line people is usually changing their belief. But how can the RSS criticise the missionaries. actually they are doing their duty. Their duty is to spread the message of Jesus Christ all over the world and at the same time they are also providing various social services like education, health care etc. No one can criticise them for this. how can you criticise?. no, not at all.
In kandhamal alone there are 1,50000 converted Christians among the total six lac population. But the truth is that no one is forced to convert to Christianity, that's an open fact. As the same case, in Orissa too people converted took this decision according to their own judgment and belief. Right for the belief is assured in the constitution, no one can change or challenge that. Its up to each person to decide his or her belief.
So, i appeal the RSS to think and revise your strategy. In this era people will never accept you with threat and attacks. Its a fact that all the conversion is not based on belief itself. The other reason is that of standard of living. People are interested to better their life. Its a human feeling and they will try to achieve this. Insted of attacking the missionaries u may also start schools, hospitals etc. In addition to this u may also provide them with good amenities. Besides this, u also need to respect the sentiments of the common man rather than threatening them. In such a case people will also stay with u. If any one want to live as a christian or Muslim, u may allow them to do so. U didn't have the power or right to obstruct anyone.
RSS must need to be more civilised to adapt to the modern era. first up on u may correct your big mistake - ''the murder of mahatma Gandhi''. you may publicly state about this mistake and request the people of India to forgive you. At the same time, in my opinion u may accept Gandhian values, it will be more suited to u in the modern world than Mr. Godse. The
RSS was banned in India thrice during periods in which the government of the time considered them a threat to the state: in 1948 after Mahatma Gandhi's assassination, during the Emergency (1975-77) , and after the 1992 Babri Masjid demolition. The bans were subsequently lifted after the Supreme Court of India declined to uphold the bans due to lack of evidence of their involvement in the alleged activities. Now also RSS must be beware of a ban. If you move in the present way, i am sure that the law will obstruct u for ever.
Last word: In this crucial period people of orissa must recall about the great emperor Asoka. He embraced Buddhism from the prevalent Vedic tradition after witnessing the mass deaths of the war of Kalinga, which he himself had waged out of a desire for conquest. He was later dedicated in the propagation of Buddhism.


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