Thursday, August 21, 2008

our own pakistan

44 we need to start campaign to bring back pakistan to united india. this is the right time to start such a historical mission. 62 years of post british era proved that a seperate islamic state is a foolish endevour.
what pakistanis achieved with a seperate islamic republic? did it raised the living standards of the islamic people there? or it become heaven?. the answer is a big No. i am sure that everyone, especially the radicals will agree with me in this respect.
when we compare with the living standard and life security of muslims in pakistan, india is truly a heaven. here every one is enjoying freedom in every aspect. pls don't relate kashmir with this statement. because kashmir is altogether a different issue. actually all the terror and agitations in kashmir is conducted with ISI backing. all of us are aware of this. kashmir is an integral part of india, no doubt about that. i think no constitution in the world is as free and democratic as india. in all these 62 years after independence, leaders of both the countries
discussed and and fought war's with regard to kashmir- ''ridiculous''. india has several times repetedly stated that kashmir is our integral part. but pakistanis are not in a mind to accept this.
actually, history proved that pakistan is a big mistake. so why they are anxious about kashmir. this is the time to correct the mistake. what is now needed is to change the subject of the discussion between india and pakistan. both the countries need to discuss about a historical reunion rather than about kashmir. we need to abolish the fruits of divide and rule policy of mount batton.
pakistanis must interospect the history. then u will become aware of the reality. both of us need to unite under india. we will respect all the people from pakistan in a the new setup as our brothers. take a simple case- u must think about both the countries defence budget. india is spending a whopping INR. 89,000 crores in the present budget for defence purpose. while pakistan is spending 4.25 billion $ in this respect. what will we achieve with all these wars, bombs, tanks and lose of life?
if we unite, we can use all these defence allocation for our development. we can make our country a super power. no one can beat us. terrorism is the only boundary between india and pakistan. in all these years authorities there did one thing- they injected terrorism in the minds of pakistanis. thats the dream of late jinnah- the so called founder of terror based pakistan. but its not possible for pakistan to go with terror backup for so long. the world now recognised the fact that pakistan is the production house of terror. global police, the us and its allies are now closely watching the movements of pakistan in this context.
pakistanis must realise one thing- with terrorism, u cannot beat anyone. but at the same time, u will never get the support of muslims here. because muslims lived here, tasted the hard fought earned freedom and independece. but, there are some traitors, i accept that. but i am sure that in the long run there place will be in the wastebin.
i am sure that pakistanis must realise the cherished dream. all the indians will support u, if all of u come with us, as our soul. after pak, we can start talks with our right hand- the bangladeshi's too.


വി.ആര്‍. ഹരിപ്രസാദ്‌. said...

Hmm different..

Khalid said...

I had decided not to reply on your blog because trying to reason with an unreasonable person is an exercise in futility. But on your insistence I have to say this:
I can only say that your blog represent a specific mindset that reeks of BJP chauvinism.
You and the likes of you have never considered Pakistan an independent country. Instead of having Pakistan as a friend by adopting an amicable policy, all you can think of in your closed mind is how to make Pakistan a part of Bharat again. How can you do that without the consent of Pakistani people?
You just can't see the reality that it was the chauvinistic policies of people like Lala Lajpat Rai that pushed the Muslims into thinking of becoming a free nation instead of a part of free India.
Have you seen Shabana Azami's interview in which she said Mharashtra government is not allowing her to buy a house in Mumbai. You are doing this to someone who has always been faithful to India and against Pakistan, just because she is a Muslim. How can we live in an India like that?
You are so blind that you cannot differentiate between the cruel and ruthless working of a Pakistani military agency and the common Pakistanis.
The Pakistanis I know are all against the working of ISI. But with the kind of irresponsible language that you and the likes of you are using even those in favour of friendship with India would oppose you.
You are adamant on absorbing your neighbouring country but you are not willing to extend a hand of friendship. What a dirty thinking you guys have. This is the attitude that pushed Muslims away from mainstream Congress politics in pre-Independence era and you have still not change your psyche. I pity you guys who cannot see the light of the day even if the sun comes up.

K.S. MANU said...

read more politics and history

sreekanth said...

understand things in a realistic sense. every moment is a history, but history can not be rewind in a moment. you need further readings in this regard.